Rabid Fox Bites Prattville Resident


The Alabama Department of Public Health has confirmed that a Prattville resident has been bitten by a rabid fox.

ADPH says the bite happened July 1 when the fox was attacking the resident’s dog.

Prattville police and wildlife officials captured the fox.

ADPH says the resident has begun treatment and will be taking the dog to the veterinarian for a booster rabies vaccination.

Rabid animals have been found several times in the past year in Prattville and other parts of Autauga County:
Rabid cat found in Prattville – July 2021
Rabid cat bites person in Prattville – November 2021
Rabid fox attacks person, pets near Prattville – April 2022
Rabid dog bites person in Autauga County – May 2022

“This is another reminder to get your pets vaccinated against rabies regardless of where you live. We have found rabies positives in both domestic animals and wildlife very close to the most populated parts of Autauga County this year,” Dr. Dee Jones, State Public Health Veterinarian, said.

Rabies is found primarily in raccoons, with the raccoon strain being the most common threat to domestic animals.

“Further testing will confirm if this fox was infected with the raccoon strain which is helpful for biologist and wildlife agencies when trying to best to control it, but the most important message is that vaccinating pets is the best practice for protecting public health,” Jones said.

It is very common for domestic animals and pets to have contact with a wild rabid animal. Alabama state law requires that dogs, cats and ferrets 12 weeks of age and older be current with rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccines are also available for horses and other livestock if recommended by a veterinarian.


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