Montgomery area hospital system encourages patients to use the ER for emergencies only

A Montgomery area hospital system is encouraging patients to only use the ER in case of emergency.

Baptist Health said Emergency Departments across the country, including its three hospitals in the River Region, are seeing a record increase in the number of patients seeking non-emergent care.

Baptist Health said the increase number puts a stress on the departments by creating longer wait times and challenging care situations for patients experiencing a true emergency.

Officials say if someone is experiencing non-emergent COVID-like symptoms or any other non-emergent situation, they should contact their primary care provider or visit the nearest urgent care.

Additionally, local retail pharmacies offer at-home COVID-19 tests and officials say it is not necessary to visit an Emergency Department to confirm these results.

However, Baptist Health says if someone is experiencing shortness of breath or any other life-threatening symptoms, they need to 911 or visit the nearest Emergency Department.

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