Selma Tornado Survivors Describe What Happened When Storm Hit

We are getting eyewitness accounts from people in Selma who were in the middle of Thursday’s devastating tornado.

Ray Hogg was at the Selma Country Club when the tornado came through.
“I could hear my ears popping. You could hear the roar. Glass going everywhere. You could hear the roof literally being torn off right over our heads. It was scary. I mean I’ve never, I hope I never have to do that again. It was awful,” Hogg told WAKA 8.
The country club was destroyed.
 The tornado damaged two mobile homes on Highway 22 in Orrville. People were inside both trailers when the storm hit.
“I went into the small bathroom and got in the tub. First I prayed. And I got in the tub and I say ten minutes after that wind, the tornado came. I mean it just came and went. It pick up the trailer and everything just gone. All the inside the house, it’s, everything just tore up,” one resident told us.
“The storm came and I, the storm came real bad and then I had (starts to cry). Thank God I’m still here,” another resident said.
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