WCCS Signs Two Memorandums of Understanding

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The road to obtaining a bachelor’s degree — just got a little easier for some community college students in Selma.

Wallace Community College Selma signed memorandums of understanding with Miles College in Fairfield — and South University in Savannah, Georgia.

“It means greater access and opportunity for our students who choose to go on to earn a four-year college degree,” said WCCS President Dr. James Mitchell.

Wal Wccsmous Fox Pkg“Everybody doesn’t want to do that. But if they do we’re going to make it easy for them to do that at Miles College,” said President Bobbie Knight.

WCCS freshman Jaril Raysor says he’s glad to hear about the arrangement. And he plans to take full advantage.

“In my opinion it’s good. It’s actually good to have someone help us go all the way. Not just halfway — but all the way,” he said.

Additionally –school officials say the aftermath of the January 12th tornado — makes these kinds of partnerships just as important for the Selma area — as they are for individual students.

“Selma’s at a rebuilding stage,” said Dr. Gilbert Singletary of South University.

“And what better way to rebuild than by providing the opportunity for students to have access to quality education.”

“It’s a great partnership because it offers them advantages as far as scholarships, as far as admissions, as far as admissions to specific specialty programs,” said Mitchell.

WCCS officials say about a third of the students who attend the college — go on to pursue a 4-year degree.

Wallace Community College Selma has an enrollment of about 1700 students.

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