Multiple Rounds Of Storms, Some Severe, Sunday

More rounds of rain and storms move through our area today through early Monday morning. Some storms could be strong to severe. The storm prediction center places much of central and south Alabama within a slight (level 2/5) severe risk through 7AM Sunday morning. West Alabama lies within an enhanced (level 3/5) severe risk area, with most of the rest of our area in a slight (level 2/5) severe risk Sunday.

It looks like two main rounds of storms move through our area.  We have on going storms now that will last through early to mid Sunday morning. Rain and storms may continue between the mid to late morning and early afternoon. However, those storms may remain less intense. The next round of stronger to severe storms affects our area during the late afternoon and evening.

Severe risks between late Saturday night and Sunday night include straight-line wind gusts of 60-70 mph, hail up to golf ball (1.75″) size, and tornadoes. Strong wind and large hail look like the primary risks, while the tornado risk looks lower, but not zero. Storm intensity may decrease by sunrise Monday, but it looks like more rounds of rain and storms affect our area during the day, and again Tuesday.

Our forecast finally trends drier Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures may trend cooler too. Clouds increase Friday, then another round of rain and storms appears likely Saturday. The system departs to our east Sunday, potentially resulting in drier and sunnier weather.

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