Multi-Million Dollar Expansion Bringing Jobs to Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Dozens of good-paying jobs are on the way to Selma — due to a multi-million dollar expansion — at a tier-one Hyundai supplier.

A $4.2 million dollar capital investment at Seoyon E HWA Interior Systems — will create up to 60 new jobs.

“It’s not any bricks and mortar, but mostly just people and equipment,” said Wayne Vardaman.

“Today, they employ about 439. This 60 jobs they’re announcing, when they ramp up to that will take them over 500.”

Wal Expansion0601 Pkg“During the time when we are recovering from a disaster, I think this is huge,” said Selma Mayor James Perkins.

“This means that some people who may be under-employed will have an opportunity to become gainfully employed.”

The company manufactures door trims — and several other plastic interior parts — for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama.

“They’re installing a new Santa Fe line, installing all the new tooling and equipment and all that goes with that,” said Vardaman.

Vardaman says 80-percent of a community’s economic growth — comes from existing industry.

“You know everybody gets excited about new industry,” Vardaman said.

“But we can’t forget our existing industry. That’s our bread and butter.”

Vardaman says qualified workers are in high demand — due in part to record low unemployment.
And that means — wages are up.

“Supply and demand drives everything. It’s not a big supply of people that are qualified for these jobs. Therefore the demand has gone up. And so the wages have gone up.”

Vardaman says the average pay at the Seoyon E HWA — is about $18 an hour.

The company has been in Dallas County for 18 years — and is one the county’s largest employers.

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