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Massachusetts has a huge waitlist for state-funded housing. So why are 2,300 units vacant?


Massachusetts has about 184,000 people on a waitlist for the state’s public housing. Yet a WBUR and ProPublica investigation found that nobody is living in nearly 2,300 state-funded apartments, with most sitting empty for months or years due to state and local mismanagement. Units have been vacant for years because the state implemented a flawed online waitlist system and has provided insufficient funding for staff and building repairs.

AP Week in Pictures: Latin America and Caribbean

By The Associated Press

Sept 14 – 21, 2023 Chilean police carried puppies to be trained as police dogs during an Independence Day parade. Mexico’s largest railroad suspended freight service after a upsurge in migrants hopping rides on north. Indigenous people in Brazil celebrated after the Supreme Court upheld their land rights. Armed gang members in Port-au-Prince marched against Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry….

AP Week in Pictures: Global | Sept-15-21, 2023


A street dog walks in front of the presidential escort regiment during a military parade in Chile. Migrants rush to the U.S.-Mexico border and overwhelm border services. Formula One driver Sergio Perez of Mexico steers his car under a shower of sparks during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix. And an imprint of a climate activist’s hand in glue is…