Bentley Impeachment Subcommittee Review Subpoenas and Hiring Special Consel

bentley-presserA legislative committee probing if there are grounds to impeach Gov. Robert Bentley has created subcommittees to review possible subpoenas and the hiring of a special counsel.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Mike Jones on Tuesday announced appointments to the two subcommittees. One will review candidates for the position of special counsel. The other will recommend what subpoenas should be issued by the full committee.

The special counsel subcommittee will be chaired by Republican Rep. Jim Hill of Moody. The subpoena subcommittee will be chaired by Democratic Rep. Marcel Black of Tuscumbia.

The Judiciary Committee is investigating if the governor committed any impeachable offenses in a sex-charged scandal involving a former top aide.

Twenty-three representatives signed impeachment articles in April accusing Bentley of willful neglect of duty and corruption.

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