Oysters helping Louisiana flood victims

Winztell’s Oyster House restaurants are teaming up to help the victims of the Louisiana flooding. Five restaurant locations are selling special oysters through the month of September, and all the proceeds will go to flood relief.

The oysters are available for only $1 and $5

They aren’t selling the oysters you eat, but oysters to hang on the wall. Pictures of oysters with room for a special message are available for either $1 or $5. After buying your oyster, the restaurant will hang it on the wall until the end of the month when the kind words and money will be sent to Louisiana. General Manager Tim Holp knows the money won’t fix everything, but hope it offers some comfort.

“It makes you feel good that you’re doing something to help somebody that just lost their home,” Holp says about the fundraising. “You know, they may never get all their things back, but monetarily you can help them that way. At least they can recoup some of their losses.”

The Greenville restaurant has made a little more than $300 in the first week of sales. The other locations selling the helpful oysters are Fair Hope, Orange Beach, Fultondale, and Downtown Montgomery. So far, the Greenville restaurant has raised the most money. All of the restaurant managers hope to cover the walls with the pictures and give as much back to the flood victims as possible.

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