Honoring First Responders: Montgomery Policeman Awarded After His Response To A School Shooting

Those who work alongside Officer Leroy Manigault say it comes as no surprise that he’s being recognized as first responder of the month.

Officer Manigault was nominated by a parent of a Montgomery high school student. He is assigned to Lee High School and was one of the first to jump into action just moments after shots were fired near campus, leaving one student critically injured.

While others were running away from gun shots, officer Manigault ran towards them. He says “eliminate the threat…that’s what I was thinking as i was running to the scene…I was thinking about my kids, that could have been my kids on the scene at that school that day.”

Fellow officers say Manigault’s swift actions led to a speedy arrest of the suspect in that shooting, but that it’s his day to day involvement with students that make him a true hero.

Officer ¬†Jarrett Williams says ¬†“It’s an asset to have an officer in the school who interacts with the kids and get along with him and understand him because then they’ll come to him and they’ll be more open to communicate with them which is our ultimate goal in school enforcement”.


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