State now ranks 5th for largest percenbtage of fat adults



In 1990, Alabama ranked as the 21st fattest state, with 11.2% of the population rated as obese.

In 2017, Alabama had climbed to 5th….with 36.3% of the population considered obese.

TGFWV etc?

States with the highest rates of obesity:

#1 West Virginia   38.1%

#2 Mississippi       37.3%

#3 Oklahoma         36.5%

#4 Iowa                   36.4

#5 Alabama           36.3

The obesity rate for African-American adults in Alabama is even higher: 45%

Other reports on obesity among children shows almost 20% of Alabama kids are obese too!

Obesity actually increased in a half-dozen states, which partly explains Alabama’s improvement since 1990.

Oh, the LEAST obese state? Colorado at 22.6%

Read the entire report on Adult Obesity in the U.S. HERE.




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