Officials hold Child Abuse Forum at Goodwin Middle

Officials with Montgomery Public Schools and Child Protect along with representatives from various law enforcement agencies held a child abuse forum at Goodwin Middle School today.

Many People can tell the obvious signs of child abuse.

“marks to the skin, problems that they may be having just doing mundane activities, also changes in behavior”

But , what about the not so obvious signs that a child may be in danger  or a victim of abuse?’ a lot of times it’s the social media that we find out that things are going on, it seems to be more prevalent now”

Officials say that monitoring a child’s social media post is one of the best places to spot signs of trouble. Many times abused children will vent to social media. They urge adults to be vigilant.

“you are  the owner of that cell phone the child is not, and you know going behind and checking what the child is looking at what their messaging to their friends”

When the abuser is at home a child can believe they have no where to turn, this is where school administrators come in.

“let them know what’s going on so they can also provide support to see what’s taking place, when is it taking place, who’s actually doing it”

At the end of the day, being aware of the sign’s can save a child’s life.

“pay more close attention to what’s going on in their children lives , especially monitoring them more closely on the computers, who their calling who their speaking with on the phone.”

For more information on the sign’s of child abuse follow this link. Child Protect Montgomery


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