Local Law Firm Concerned About Detergent Pods After Tuskegee Man’s Death

Detergent pods are nothing new. But Attorney Gerald Brooks of the Serious Injury Law Group, wants to see changes made to them after the death of Willie Reynolds Sr. of Tuskegee.

“Unfortunately in Mr. Reynolds Sr. years, he developed cognitive deficit as a result of some strokes that he experienced and he had the misfortune of ingesting some gain flings,” said Brooks.

Reynolds died on September 22, 2017. An action was filed later that year in December.

“This is the actual bag that was purchased by the family of Mr. Reynolds in Tuskegee. Focus in on this right here – the picture of the actual product. It resembles candy,” said Brooks

The lawsuit is still pending on what Brooks calls a wrongful death.

“Unfortunately to my knowledge in the U.S alone up to ten deaths as a result of accidental ingestion of detergent pods,” said Brooks.

Some of those deaths have been children.

“The majority of these deaths are senior citizens that suffer from cognitive deficit such as dementia, Alzheimer, and things of that nature,” said Brooks.

In an interview in January of last year, acting chairman Ann Marie Buerkle of the Consumer Product Safety Commission says there are efforts for changes.

“We’ve worked diligently making the film on that packet even more tough so isn’t as easy to puncture,” said Buerkle.

“They’ve added a substance to the pod that make them bitter so that, if they are put in the mouth – the immediate response would be to spit it out. They’ve made the pods stronger so they can stay in the mouth longer prior to the contents bursting in the mouth,” said Brooks.

But Brooks is pushing for more changes.

“But one thing they have refuse to do is to stop making it look like candy,” said Brooks.

Until those changes come, brooks wants other people to be careful.

“If you have children in your household, if you have elderly family members that you care for you need to – if you buy these things keep them out of view and keep them somewhere safe,” said Brooks.

Click here for safety tips that are listed on Proctor and Gamble’s website.


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