Selma City Council Prepares to Start Searching for New Police Chief

The Selma City Council has started its search for a new police chief, following the announcement last week that Chief Spencer Collier would retire on July 30. Collier is currently on medical leave.

Collier had been hired by Selma Mayor Dario Melton, but this time, it’s the city council which will pick the next police chief.

City Council President Corey Bowie told Alabama News Network the first step is having the council vote to start the process. He says the council wants to get everyone involved to help make the right choice. They want members of the community as well as former law enforcement officers to help in locating the new chief

The city has received a weed-to-seed grant from U.S. Attorney Richard Moore which helps curb crime. The money will be divided between the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the Selma Police Department and District Attorney Michael Jackson’s office. Bowie says it’s critical to find a chief who can implement some of the strategies required by the grant.

A public safety meeting will be held on Monday at 3 p.m. followed by a work session on Tuesday. That will be when the council officially votes to move forward with the process of hiring a new chief.

Selma is also searching for a new fire chief.


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