Proposed Resolution to Ban Coal Ash in Perry County Fails

There are some upset people in Perry County. Tuesday night, the county commission voted to continue dumping coal ash at Arrowhead Landfill.
County Commissioner Ben Eaton proposed a resolution to ban coal ash from being dumped at Arrowhead Landfill in Uniontown. It failed with a 3- 2 vote by commissioners. Dozens of people attended the meeting. They say coal ash poses health risks. County Commissioner Albert Turner says otherwise – that coal ash does not pose a health risk.
“Coal ash has contaminated over 200 sites across the nation and it has also contaminated sites here in Perry County, even though the state government is not saying so, neither is the Perry County majority,” said Adam Johnston, a concerned Perry County resident.
“If you have compassion for people you want to do the right thing by people. In my opinion, I feel that the people should’ve had the right to vote whether they wanted it or not, rather than leaving it up to five people in the county to determine their fate,” said Commissioner Ben Eaton.
Commissioner Eaton says, he will continue fighting to ban coal ash. He hopes to revisit the issue at the commission’s next meeting on July 23rd.
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