“We don’t want a Monarch, he is not above the law.” Non-Profit Group Holds Impeachment Rally

On Tuesday evening the non-profit group Moveon.org held an impeachment rally on the Capital steps in Montgomery.

The rally happened just hours before the House of Representatives will convene to vote on two articles of impeachment against the President.

“We want to show that Alabamians believe in the rule of law,” says Linda Fisher, organizer of the rally.

Hundreds of rallies like the one that happened Tuesday night were planned around the country Tuesday.

Fisher says there was no rally planned for Alabama, that is what prompted her to organize this rally.

“Things have come to head here, our president has abused his power, he’s obstructing congress, and its time. We don’t want a monarch, he is not above the law”

People at the rally could be seen holding signs that read “Impeach and Remove”, “No one is Above the Law,” “Save the American Dream”, and “Tre45on.”

Participants at the rally we spoke with said that if the house does vote to impeach, that the American people deserve a fair trial in the Senate.

“I hope we actually get to see a Senate trial, and witnesses called. So that the people can see what the actual truth is,” said Montgomery Resident ┬áPete Sandifer.

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