What the Tech? How to Use Technology to Find a New Career

When the pandemic and stay-at-home orders began in March many people who were laid-off or furloughed thought their job would be waiting for them when it was safe to go back to work.

They’re not so confident now.

According to a survey by The Associated Press-Norc, nearly half of Americans who have lost their jobs in the past 4 months believe they are gone forever.

If finding a job with an traditional employer is difficult, the pandemic and stay-at-home orders are an opportunity to find work in non-traditional roles or starting a business of your own. The cost-to-entry in running your own business is lower than it has ever been provided you have the experience and tools to run it.

Here are just three websites and apps to help you start a new career:

HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List find opportunities for people who are skilled at manual labor. If you can do yard maintenance, you can start your own business with tools you have in your garage. Or you can start a handyman business, maid service, home organization or household installations.

Simply find a name for your business and list it on HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List (HomeAdvisor purchased Angie’s List three years ago). The website is popular with homeowners looking for a specific type of repair, installation or service.

When they search in their area and the project they want to work on, local repairmen and women and their companies are listed along with reviews of their work. Both services have an extensive approval process and require a background check.

If you are approved you will pay HomeAdvisor a fee for each job referral you receive. There is no guarantee you will get the job after you make a bid.

Marketing jobs are still in demand, but more and more companies are choosing to fill those with freelancers. There are lots of opportunities available for these jobs and other office skills listed on the app and website Upwork. Accountants, administrative assistants, IT, web developers, sales and social media managers list on Upworks.

You set your hourly or project rate. When you get hired for a project you’ll pay Upworks a percentage of what you earn. Many companies and small businesses use Upwork to fill freelance positions.

Flexjobs is another online service and app where you can find full and part time jobs you can do from home. It lists openings for jobs in 50 categories including health care, engineers, office management and teachers. I’ve also seen jobs for people with skills in graphic design, advertising, marketing and sales.

Some jobs are with Fortune 500 companies and many are full-time with health benefits and paid vacations. You’ll pay FlexJobs to see the listings but an annual membership is just $50.

Many traditional companies that never considered hiring remote workers are re-thinking their business and hiring strategies now. It may offer opportunities for anyone looking for a job.

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