Medical Breakthroughs: Brain Health+ Benefits of Starting School Early + Heart Disease and Airplane seating during COVID

Where you live could impact your brain health. Researchers in Wisconsin say older adults
who live in higher poverty areas have a greater risk of cognitive decline. According to their study- those living in disadvantaged neighborhoods showed more brain shrinkage on scans.
They were also less likely to perform well on memory tests.

A new study shows the positive impact that starting school later could have on your child’s sleep.
British researchers say delaying start times for middle and high schoolers by just 40 minutes –
could give students almost four extra hours of sleep a week. Their study shows 1 in 5 students report being less sleepy and children did not oversleep as much on weekends.

And as U.S. Airlines continue to book middle seats on planes a new CDC study warns that might not be the best idea. According to researchers, leaving those middle seats open cuts covid 19 exposure by up to 57% if a person is near someone who has tested positive. The CDC recommends you do not travel if you are not vaccinated.

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