First Choice Women’s Medical Center Adds Second Location in Montgomery

First Choice Women’s Medical Center is adding a second location in Montgomery.

The new location is at 2019 Normandie Drive. It is scheduled to open Monday, June 14. It already has a center at 380 Mendel Parkway East.

It is a non-profit that offers free pregnancy services as an alternative to abortion. It offers testing, ultrasound, pre-natal care and parenting classes.

The expansion is designed to better serve people on the south and west side of Montgomery. They say a lot of their clients are from lower-income communities and they saw that accessibility was a big obstacle for people getting the medical care and the support that they need.

“This is kind of a satellite branch,” Bethany Garth, the executive director, told Alabama News Network. “We’re going to test the waters over here to see if we are able to serve a lot of women and men, and if we are, we’ll expand to add more services at this location as well,” she said.
The main services it will offer at the Normandie Drive location will be free pregnancy testing and ultrasound confirmation.
First Choice was formerly known as Sav-A-Life.
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