Pay It Forward: Hatwatha McGhee of Selma


In 2018, Hatwatha McGhee founded an organization to help clean up Selma.

“What we do is remove trash, cut the grass, get private citizens to pick up their trash and garbage and other things in the community to try to make Selma as what I say, what I founded, ‘A Clean Selma,'” said McGhee.

What started out as 12 members has grown to 24.
For Hatwatha, it’s about taking care of what you have.

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“I come from a family, my mother always taught me it’s not what you got, it’s how you keep it. I was born and raised here in Selma and I have a true passion for the city of Selma. So I know the necessary need to have a clean city. So I prayed about it and just got up and got going.”

Shirely McKinley has known Hatwatha for years and nominated her for Pay It Forward.

“She is a person you don’t have to ask twice to go out and help with the trash, debris or anything. She is the kind of person if this has to be done she does it with no explanation. She is a well deserving citizen of Selma, Alabama because she does it out of the kindness and goodness of her heart,” said McKinley.


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