What the Tech? App of the Day: Recipe Keeper

Like many cooks, I have family recipes in old cookbooks, on scraps of paper and I find new ones online and on Pinterest. I have recipes scattered everywhere. I found an app to keep them all in one place.

Recipe Keeper is an app for iOS and Android devices, Mac and Windows computers. Here’s how it works:

Once you have the app on your phone you can search through hundreds of recipes. Nothing special about that compared to other recipe apps. But let’s say you’re searching for a cornbread dressing recipe on Pinterest. Once you find one you want to try, save it in the Recipe Keeper app by tapping the share button.

That recipe is copied and saved so you can find it quickly in the Recipe Keeper app. The ingredients, directions, and photos are included. You can add all of the ingredients to a shopping list or just check off the ones you need.

People who hate math will love another feature that allows you to adjust the recipe for the number of servings. If a particular recipe is for 10 people and you find out there’ll be an additional aunt, uncle, and cousins sitting down for the meal, you can quickly change it to 15 and all of the ingredients are adjusted so the recipe turns out correctly.

Got recipes from an old cookbook? Snap a photo of it to save in the app. You will need to transcribe ingredients to add to your shopping list which is a bit of a chore.

That’s on the Recipe Keeper smartphone app and you can do the same thing on a computer.

There are Microsoft and Mac web apps you can download and install. If you run across a recipe online you can copy and paste the URL into the Recipe Finder web app to save it.

Recipe Finder is a free app but if you want to save and access your saved recipes, you’ll need to purchase the app which is $8. No subscription is required.

If you rack your brain trying to remember where you put that recipe for sweet potato pie, it’s an app to add to your holiday shopping list.


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