Troy University Police Charge Teen in Hit-and-Run

Roberson Mugshot

Jaequawn Roberson, 19, of Troy, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident./Source: Troy University Police

Troy University police have arrested a person involved in a hit-and-run on campus Monday.

Police say the driver, 19-year-old Jaequawn Roberson, of Troy, has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, which is a Class C felony.

Officials say Roberson is not affiliated with Troy University.

The incident happened Monday as a student was hit by a vehicle as they were crossing a crosswalk on University Avenue. The driver, now identified as Roberson, stopped to check for damage to the vehicle, then left.

University Police Chief George Beaudry said several witnesses were able to give police a detailed description of the car, and campus security cameras were utilized to track the vehicle and produce photos of it for police to use in the search for the vehicle.

The suspect’s vehicle was later located in an apartment complex parking lot near campus Tuesday and police say the suspect admitted to the crime when questioned by officers.

The student was taken to Troy Regional Medical Center with minor injuries and later released.

The Troy Police Department assisted Troy University police in the arrest.

Roberson is currently in the Pike County Jail.

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