Wetumpka YMCA Pool Now Open

Just in time for the summer, the Wetumpka YMCA pool is now open.

The construction for the new pool started back in January of this year to replace the old pool, which had been around for over 50 years.Img 3075

The new pool has more room for swimmers and families to enjoy it at the same time. Wetumpka YMCA Board President Gary Dodge talked about the YMCA’s swim team and swim lessons provided for all ages.

“This is phenomenal for us,” stated Dodge. “This pool is going to do some great things for the kids here in Wetumpka. We’re going to be able to put out a good swim team and there’s so many little ones out here with smiles on their faces waiting to get into this pool that’s one day going to be apart of that swim team.”

The pool will be open Monday through Friday at varying times throughout the day.

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