Rabid Kitten Bites Greenville Resident


State health officials say a rabid kitten has bitten a person in Greenville.

The Alabama Department of Public Health says the kitten was found on a resident’s porch and presumed to be a part of a nearby feral cat colony. The resident had been caring for the kitten, which was approximately 8-weeks-old.

The kitten became very ill and died a few days afterwards.

The person bitten is now receiving medical treatment.  ADPH is now investigating the stray cat colony and working with animal control to develop an effective plan for the health of the other animals.

It is very common for domestic animals and pets to have contact with a wild rabid animal. Alabama state law requires that dogs, cats and ferrets 12 weeks of age and older be current with rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccines are also available for horses and other livestock if recommended by a veterinarian.

In addition to vaccination, area residents are advised to take the following precautions to avoid possible exposure to rabies:
· Do not allow pets to run loose; confine them within a fenced-in area or with a leash.
· Do not leave uneaten pet food or scraps near your residence.
· Do not illegally feed or keep wildlife as pets.
· Do not go near wildlife or domestic animals that are acting in a strange or unusual manner.
· Caution children not to go near any stray or wild animal, regardless of its behavior.


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