UPDATE: Millbrook Residents Meet with Police about Vandalism Issues

People who live in the Lakeview neighborhood of Millbrook have now met with police to discuss their concerns about vandalism.

As Alabama News Network has reported, the residents say vandalism has been a problem for nearly two years, especially near Sharon Lane.

They say the vandalism includes bricks being thrown through windows, mailboxes being knocked down to home invasions. They think a group of minors is responsible.

They hope the police department can help them form Neighborhood Watch groups.

“As a neighborhood, we have to constantly look out for each other,” Millbrook Police Lt. Stephen Youngblood told the group. “Everybody gives the nosy neighbor a bad rap, but the nosy neighbor is the one that solves the crimes in the neighborhood. I promise you, it’s the nosy neighbor that you actually want,” he said.

Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson says the meeting is the first step, but now the community must come together to form those watch groups.


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