Pay It Forward: Jessica Weyreuter of Montgomery


Tennis pro Jessica Weyreuter started her own dream in Montgomery about 10 years ago, taking her love of a sport and opening up a whole new world for those with personal challenges. Dream Court is a non-profit organization striving for inclusion and acceptance.

“It has been my biggest blessing to be able to do something for the community and use a sport I have done for my whole life and share it with the people that deserve it,” said Weyreuter.

What started with just five athletes has grown to over 100 all under the leadership of Weyreuter.
It’s given skills and hope to so many athletes like Zane Goodwin.

“She’s an amazing coach. I only have two coaches here in the state but she has really changed my perspective on the sport, really improve my game overall, and over the years really help me as a player and a person overall. She is really a great person. I feel like she deserved it and the whole organization did, too,” said Goodwin.

Goodwin has found a family at Dream Court, and his mom has seen the difference in him as well.

“He has autism, so she has helped tremendously get him out of his bubble and get out there and work hard and move all the way up. He’s won championships and stuff because of her,” said Lara Polk.





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