Even Warmer, Rain Still Possible Mother’s Day Weekend

Friday morning was a mixed bag of weather, with sunshine in some locations. Meanwhile, others saw a mainly cloudy sky but no rain, while some saw a cloudy sky with light rain. Additional showers and storms form Friday afternoon, but remain scattered through the early evening. So some locations may not see rain Friday, with a partly to mostly cloudy sky otherwise. High temperatures range from the mid to upper 80s.

Rain likely fades away more quickly Friday night compared to Thursday night. Mother’s day weekend begins dry with some sunshine Saturday morning. However, showers and storms become widely scattered about during the afternoon, and linger into the evening. Still, just about all of the rain fades away Saturday night. Isolated showers or storms also form Mother’s Day afternoon. Temperatures look warmer, with highs near 90° each day.

The rain chance increases Monday as a front likely travels towards Alabama. The front may push through and south of our area, which would result in drier weather Tuesday through Thursday. However, temperatures remain warm with highs in the mid to upper 80s. The rain chance likely increases Friday into next weekend, as models indicate another front approaching Alabama.

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