What the Tech? Why You Should Update Your PC Now

By JAMIE TUCKER Consumer Technology Reporter

Microsoft has released a major update to its Windows operating system that the company says every PC user should download and install.

The update released May 9 addresses 38 issues with Windows including three patches to vulnerabilities recently discovered by Microsoft.

First identified by Bleeping Computer, these are what’s known as “zero days vulnerabilities” that make it possible for bad actors to access computers remotely. Zero days vulnerabilities are those that are already known and could be used before the patches are available.

Bleeping Computer reports two of the vulnerabilities are known to already be in use.

The vulnerabilities allow bad actors to take control of computers without the patches and remotely execute tasks and actions that could install malware or viruses.

So it’s an important update.

Here’s how to update to the latest version of Windows and download and install the patches:

● Go into settings and select “Windows Update”.
● The install update will be at the top of the page
● Install all updates
● This can take 30 minutes or more depending on your internet speed
● It’s best to download the updates from your home network
● You can still use the computer as the update is downloaded.
● Once the updates are downloaded you’ll need to restart your computer to install them

Microsoft does not release patches for zero days vulnerabilities very often and when it does, it’s generally an important one.

The best way to protect your computers and phones is by keeping them updated to the latest software version. Microsoft tells users this one is so important it should be installed right away.


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