MDA Camp Week Kicks Off

CAMPASCAA PICAlabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults (ASCCA) kicked off its week long summer camp for campers with Muscular Dystrophy today in Jackson’s Gap. The kids who usually depend on others for so much get the chance to be independent during the week of adventures and learning.

“I think the consensus is, for them that it’s better than Christmas,” says Fundraising Coordinator Christy Cruse. Cruse and her team give the kids who are so dependent on others a chance to think and make decisions for themselves.

“Ultimately we’re trying to foster independence,” she says. “We’re trying to foster confidence. Being able to make your own choices. And your own decisions. Getting out of your comfort zone. Really, life skills that they can take with them for every adventure that they go on as they grow in every season of life.”

Campers will get to enjoy a summer camp experience like everyone else. They will go horseback riding, zip lining, practice archery, and most importantly, make new friends.

“New friendship!” says camper Keisha Stoutamire when asked about her favorite part of camp. “And it’s inspiring to see people who have limitations still try to do things that it would be easier for an average person to do.”

While the kids enjoy their time at camp, it takes a lot of money and work for these campers to spend a week having fun and learning. Fundraising efforts are always on-going.  The MDA Camp needs all the help it can get.

“I’m changed every time I come,” Cruse adds. “And I couldn’t ask for a more humbling experience. Our goal is to bless them, but they don’t realize that in the end we’re the ones that are blessed and we’re the ones that are changed.”

To donate to the MDA camp or any of ASCCA’s other organized events, click here.

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