OCAP Looking for Temporary Home, Troy Students Give Back to Cleanup Efforts

While clean up continues in Troy after Sunday’s confirmed EF-1 tornado, a group of Troy students are coming together to help those in need.

“I’m from Panama City, and so I went through Hurricane Michael and I know that alot of people from this area came down to help us in our time of need,” Pursuit Ministries member Jesselyn Dudinsky says. “So I just kinda want to pay it forward.”

She and Chase Haney are members of Pursuit Ministries on Troy University’s campus.

They say after the tornado hit, they wanted to do something to help out.
“I think that so many times we wanna be blessed and I think that sometimes we have to seek out that opportunity to be a blessing,” Haney says.

So they grabbed some other members and walked the streets, passing out water to workers and storm victims.

Not far away, crews were working to clean out one of the badly damaged buildings. The housing for the Organized Community Action Program is a non-profit that provides services to the needy.

OCAP director Wanda Moultry says after the roof was torn off, rain soaked the inside of the building. It left a mess that could take months to clean up.

“We don’t have anywhere to go but we’re talking to some people here in Troy that could possibly allow us to to utilize their facilities for a couple of months,” Moultry says.

While Moultry is preparing to rebuild, members of Pursuit Ministries are giving back as the community continues to pick up the pieces left behind from Sunday’s tornado.

“It’s just kinda eye opening that we can actually where we are so we don’t have to go far looking for opportunities,” Haney says.

Pursuit Ministries meets every Thursday at 9:30 pm at a local church.

OCAP provides food, shelter, and educational opportunities for the low income population in seven counties.

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