Schools in Dallas Co. Get New STEM Labs

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Dallas County Schools has a new high-tech tool at its disposal — to engage students in the areas of math — science — and technology.

School officials say new Acellus STEM labs have been installed at schools across the district.

They say access to technology — and understanding technology — is critical for students as they move forward into the future.

They say the labs will allow students to learn how to code robots — and a lot more.

Dr. Victoria Calhoun is the principal at Tipton-Durant Middle School.

“We can actually utilize the programming for intervention as well,” said Calhoun.

“One of our goals is to increase student achievement so, there are lessons already designed to help — with the rigor in the classrooms and it can take our children to the next level of learning.”

“It also gives them the opportunity to work on critical thinking skills, to think logically, to problem solve. And to do problem based learning,” said Superintendent Hattie Shelton.

Shelton said the new labs were set-up this week — and teachers have been trained to use them.

She says students will start using the new labs next week.

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