Blanchard Case Inspires Bill to Keep Violent Suspects Behind Bars

After the disappearance and death of Aniah Blanchard, an Alabama senator wants to make sure a case like hers never happens again.

Ibraheem Yazeed, the man accused of kidnapping and killing Blanchard in late 2019 was out on bond for several class A felonies at the time.

Senator Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, wants to change the state bond system to keep violent crime suspects off the streets until their trial. He says that those who have been arrested on crimes including Murder, 1st Degree Rape and Human Trafficking should have their bonds revoked.

Ward says this is a constitutional way to maintain public safety.  “I’ve studied what other lawmakers have done, but also other states around the country, and I guess Arizona is probably the closest model we came to on it and, so i think this is done in a way that’s thoughtful. It’s not overreaching, but at the same time provides for public safety.”

The bill will introduced during the legislative session

which starts February 4.

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