What the Tech? Use LinkedIn to Find a Better Job

A new survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals a majority of Americans are unhappy with the job they have now. According to the survey 67% of workers say they’re looking for a new job.

Many of them are looking as they remain employed at their current job.

While many job seekers search for job openings online or by paying companies for leads, LinkedIn has made changes to help job seekers get in front of job recruiters.

LinkedIn’s “Open Work” is free to use and is simple to set up.

When you log into LinkedIn and view your profile page, you should see a blue box with the word “Open” on it. Simply tapping that link takes you to a screen where you can list all of the job titles you’re looking for.

You’ll also have an option to narrow that a bit by entering cities or locations where you would like to work. You can also notify recruiters whether you’re available right away.

Recruiters for companies that match your selections will see your profile and an “Open for Opportunities” frame around your profile picture.

In addition to getting in front of those recruiters, users can also post their work history, education, letter of introduction, and resume on their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn also offers a curated list of job openings in your area and based on your work history. So if you’ve previously worked as an accountant, job openings for accountants will appear when you click the “Jobs” tab.

If you’re concerned that your boss or co-workers may see the “Open for Work” frame, you can opt to display that only to recruiters on LinkedIn. Otherwise, it will be posted to your profile picture for anyone to see when they go to your page.

While LinkedIn offers to hide the “Open for Work” banner from current employers, it says it cannot guarantee it won’t be seen by someone at your present company.

Still, if you’re among the 67% actively looking for work (or just browsing), LinkedIn is an overlooked resource.


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