Free Turkeys and Vaccines Provided by Montgomery United

Prices for turkeys have gone way up this Thanksgiving. That’s why local community groups came together to help Montgomery families in need.

Montgomery City Councillor Oronde Mitchell was in charge of the event and had this to say about the reason behind it.Screen Shot 2021 11 22 At 45919 Pm

“To have a Thanksgiving dinner, that means a lot to a lot of people,” stated Councilman Mitchell. “So, we don’t we take so many things for granted but small things like feeding one family can mean a lot and have a long lasting effect on people”

The non-profit organization, Montgomery United, passed out free turkeys and COVID-19 vaccines to the community. Montgomery United wanted people to come out to get a turkey for their family to eat and the vaccine to protect their family during Thanksgiving. Parks Pharmacy provided the vaccines for the event and gave out gift cards to everyone who received the shot.

The Interim Pastor for First Baptist Church of Greater Washington Park, Booker McMillian, was helping out at the vaccine clinic and had this to say about their reason behind the event.

“It’s another resource for our community to bring awareness to the COVID pandemic that we’re currently going through and as many people as we can educate and bring out and get them to understand what COVID is all about,” stated Interim Pastor McMillian.

The event went on until they ran out of turkeys to give out.

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