Macon County Sheriff’s Office

Macon County Sheriff’s Office Looking to Hire More Employees

Now that the federal unemployment funding is no longer available, many employers are hoping that will encourage more people to look for work. Among the employers looking to hire more staff is the Macon county sheriff’s office.

Macon County Escaped Inmate Caught

Nakelon Vason/Source: Macon County Sheriff’s Office The search for an escaped inmate in Macon County is over. Sheriff Andre Brunson said 22-year-old Nakelon Vason, who escaped from the Macon County Jail, was captured Thursday evening. Sheriff Brunson said just before 8:00PM, he received a credible tip through the Macon County E-911 Communications Center. Approximately 20 minutes later, authorities located Vason…

i-TEAM: Trooper Shortage

If you drive Alabama’s roads, it’s hard not to notice who you don’t see much of: Alabama state troopers. You can drive for at least an hour in any direction without ever seeing one. It could be because they’re hiding, but most likely, it’s because there aren’t enough of them. Alabama only has 243 troopers on the job. That’s among…