PEW Charitable Trusts

Lots of People on Community Supervision in U.S.

Alabama's rate is higher than most area states.

Alabama has among the highest rates of people on probation and community supervision compared to all but one of the states surrounding us. Florida’s rate is even higher. The Pew Charitable Trust ranks Alabama as having higher rates than Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi. Probation and parole rates grew nationally by triple digits in the years between 1980 and 2016, mostly…

DOD Spending in Alabama

State benefits from Pentagon spending more than most states

The PEW Charitable Trusts is out with a state-by-state comparison of spending by  The U.S. Department of Defense.     Average Alabamian benefits from Pentagon spending more than people in most other states. PEW specifically reports the per capita amount for various kinds of DOD spending:   Military Contracts                       $1,896.6…

Alabama Schools in Flood Danger

PEW report identifies flood-prone schools

The non-profit PEW Charitable Trusts are out with a report identifying schools in danger of flooding. The report includes an interactive map of Alabama with a list of the number of schools in each county that is in a flood danger area. The Dallas County School system has the largest number of those schools—three of the system’s 22 schools. Montgomery…