Lots of People on Community Supervision in U.S.

Alabama's rate is higher than most area states.

Alabama has among the highest rates of people on probation and community supervision compared to all but one of the states surrounding us.

Florida’s rate is even higher.

The Pew Charitable Trust ranks Alabama as having higher rates than Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi. Probation and parole rates grew nationally by triple digits in the years between 1980 and 2016, mostly because of pressure to cut down on the cost of imprisoning so many people.

Pew says nationally, 1 in 55 adults is under community supervision…..and they say about 1/3 of prisoners on parole and probation end up back in jail.


“About half of people who complete probation or parole terms do so successfully. But for nearly a third, supervision ends in failure and too often leads to jail or prison. In 2016, 29 percent of the almost 2 million probation exits and 30 percent of roughly 425,000 parole exits were unsuccessful, with 12 percent and 27 percent, respectively, resulting in incarceration. All told, nearly 350,000 individuals on supervision were sent to a jail or prison in 2016.”


You can read the Pew Report HERE.



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